Cloud Computing

Migrate a portion of your business in the Cloud

Cloud backup

The cloud backup is an economic, reliable and safe backup solution of important data,without physical hazard such as fire or theft. This solution can be combined with a local backup for security redundancy and speed of recovery.

Here a few benefits of this solution:

  • Economic backup Solution for SMEs
  • Remote data access
  • Data protected against fire, theft and equipment breakage
  • Recovery after a disaster and possibility to work during a disaster.

Management of mobile phones and Mobile

A Management of Mobile Terminal application is an application allowing the management of a fleet of mobile devices, be it tablets, smartphones and even hybrid computers in Tablet format. This management is done by the IT Department of the company


  • Allows to remotely update phones and tablets operating systems,
  • Localization of a lost or stolen device.
  • Remote blocking and erasing of the device in case of theft or loss.
  • Centralized performance and diagnostics.
  • Installation of software via the cellular system or Cloud computing.
  • Establish or change settings of the device (e.g. e-mail).

Hosted Services

Examples of hosted service that Réseaux Cyr offers to its customers:

  • Virtual or physical server hosting.
  • Applications; web sites, management tools, database and many others.
  • LRC protective services, with a centralized virus protection.
  • Archiving of emails.
  • Wireless management in mono environment and multi-site.

E-mail Services

Réseaux Cyr offers several types of e-mail service, either hosted or by Internet in a hybrid system. We have the right combination of services for your business. Contact us now to analyze your email needs, either for physical or virtual hosting or in your premises.