Support Services

Continuity of Business

There are several possible threats to your computers: Fire, theft, flood, viral attack. Réseaux Cyr protects your data and greatly reduces the time required to be operational after a disaster.

We have several services to better offer you the appropriate protection for your business.

  • Our physical backup solutions or cloud computing protects your data against disasters. (Insert link to be saved LRC)
  • Our SOS (Operational Device Disaster Recovery) solutions ensures the continuity of your network after or even during a disaster, physical or virtual services.

For a preventive maintenance

Stop reacting to the unexpected and get to planning!

Your computer equipment requires maintenance and careful monitoring. You see to the security of your home and your vehicle, so why ignore the nerve center of your company?

You could avoid or reduce the most common hardware breakdown; at least anticipate them by performing regular follow-ups.

Follow-up of interventions:

  • Security and data tracking, local and cloud computing;
  • Access to computer equipment and the Internet, and their use;
  • Preventive maintenance and verification of equipment;
  • Constant monitoring;
  • Backup of the server available on different hardware, in case of disaster;
  • Local virtualization or in Cloud;
  • And much more.

We offer our customers the service plans tailored to their business needs.


Réseaux Cyr offers you outsourcing service, a state-of the-art solution which allows the management of your projects, the maintenance and the security of your computer, and IT equipment at an affordable cost!


Outsourcing with Réseaux Cyr…

  • For a proactive network management
  • For preventative maintenance
  • For computer support
  • LRC service protection
  • Backups and online backups (off-site)