Why choose Réseaux Cyr?

Réseaux Cyr (LRC) is a value-added service company founded in 2000, in order to bring a philosophy of preventive maintenance for corporate computer networks. The first evolution was to quickly develop stable, secure and efficient networks and then work in true partnership with our customers.

By sharing our knowledge and our expertise with our special touch, we give our customers the feeling of being really involved at the heart of the realization of their business’ IT projects! We were able to combine our expertise in maintenance with the best outsourcing tools!

What distinguishes us is our teamwork approach that includes all stakeholders involved in the management of computer networks for our customers. We do not spare any effort to achieve our objectives, which are to install or develop the networks of our customers as if they were our own!

We are involved from the drawing to the web filters: from the wiring to the Cloud.

Réseaux Cyr Inc. is a full support to SMEs, your IT partner since 2000.


The raison d’être of Réseaux Cyr is to meet the IT needs of our customers and contribute to their growth and success.

Integrity and Respect

We build long-term relationships. We have the privilege of having certain customers for over 15 years. We serve our clients quickly, with respect and integrity.

Proactive Vision

We are a company that evolves with the market. Our technicians are on the lookout for the latest technologies in order to offer scalable services. Our proactive service programs are designed to minimize outages, optimize performance and maximize your protection against threats.

Efficiency and Reliability

A diagnosis and rigorous follow-ups of your infrastructure provide you with clear and specific action plans, loopholes are closed, your network is stabilized and your information is secure. E-mail, servers or workstation troubleshooting have significant financial impacts. Réseaux Cyr can solidify your computer network to thereby maximize the productivity of your business.