New Generation Wireless Network

Hybrid networks (wired and wireless) are now standard. At Réseaux Cyr, we release the power of your networks with state-of-the-art technologies.

Overview of the virtual wireless Bluesocket LAN (vWLAN) solution from ADTRAN

The vWLAN Bluesocket solution from ADTRAN enables companies to significantly reduce the deployment and operation costs of large scale Wi-Fi networks while providing wireless users with a performance equivalent to that of wired networks, integrated roaming, as well as security and management of professional quality policies. The architecture of new generation of vWLAN brings together the wireless network to your existing wired network to implement a truly integrated and optimized networking solution. ADTRAN is the only company that offers wireless LAN control and management capabilities through an application that is compatible with VMwareMD.

What benefits does the vWLAN Bluesocket from ADTRAN provide?

Take advantage of virtualization to facilitate the growth of your wireless network

Elimination of all physical controllers

Centralization of the control and management of the network

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Simplifies scalability and multiplies the width of the bandwidth

Unified access across the company

Integrated guest access solution

Exceptional security

Increased Reliability


Sustainable and "green" WLAN

Dynamic RF (Dynamic Radio Frequency)

RF (IDS) Intrusion Detection System